Alicante Province

Alicante Province is the main tourist area in Eastern Spain. The coastal region is better known as the Costa Blanca, 160 kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches, stretching from Pilar de Horadera, the nearest town to the border with Murcia, to as far north as Dénia. Herein lies the much derided Benidorm, but while its detractors decry it as nothing but high-rises and chip shops, it is still the most popular holiday resort in Europe, and deservedly so.

But far from being just a sun, sea and sand destination, inland Alicante is extremely popular with walkers and those looking for country living, or wish to discover the historic towns and cities, such as Novelda, with it’s wacky church and immaculately restored Modernista town house, Bocairent, an ancient village that seems to tumble down the hillside, or Elche, home to the largest palm garden in Europe, to name but a few. The parade of castles that stretch between Alicante, Novelda, Sax, Villena and Castalla, once formed the strongly fortified dividing line between the ancient kingdoms of Castilla and Aragon.


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